Feeling Blue?

Well, we hope not!  But some of our most awesome nails are blue, so if you are feeling a little down why not treat yourself to some of our best nails, these are totally wicked!

Blue Chameleon - Squoval Medium

24 Fake Acrylic Nail Tips, Free Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 7427 MO2-6-AD-BP

This bluey purple chameleon combination blows most other nails out of the park when it comes to being unique, with the sleek ripples of its mystical design and it’s effortlessly cool effect. Intrigue everyone around you and pull them into your world with these stylish squoval false nail tips.

Bling Art Chameleon Finish: All the best nails are created in stages, and the Chameleon nail is no exception. The first layer or base layer is used to give the rustic effect. Using the latest in electrolysis technology we bring in metallic paint and this is bonded firmly to that base layer. Next, a plating process is used which gives the illusion of light changes so that the nail appears to have a chameleon colour change finish.

Marina Blue - Ballerina Sargnägel Long

24 Fake Acrylic Nail Tips, Free Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 7200 L10-1-A-MB

Conjuring up images of a cloudless sky, these luxurious new ballerina Sargnägel shaped nails will lift your look with their easy breezy style. Let your fingertips float away on a haze of blue and enjoy a stylish matte finish adorned with crystals that bring a beautiful burst of vibrant colour to even the most boring outfits.

Please note: Not all 24 nails have crystals, each set contains 8 nails with crystals and 16 without.

A matte finish is hot right now; these luxurious matte finish false nails enable your fingertips to look both stylish and sophisticated. With our wide selection of stunning shades, there’s a colour choice for every outfit you own.

Water Blue Chameleon - Almond Stiletto Long

24 Fake Acrylic Nail Tips, Free Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 7641 LO4-6-AD-WB

When blue meets purple, you know you're looking at one wild nail and that’s exactly what these funky and fun almond stiletto nails are! Walk on the wild side with these edgy water inspired tips and we promise you’ll never look boring no matter what you wear.

If you’re an original and stylish type of girl who is searching for on-trend accessories to add a unique touch to your look then you’ll want to add our Chameleon Metallic False Nails to your wardrobe.

Marina Blue - Ballerina Coffin Long

24 Fake Acrylic Nail Tips, Free Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 7230 L10-4-A-MB

Our breezy ombre blue gel nails create a picturesque scene right on your fingertips! Wear these and dive into a pool of beauty— we assure you, with these high shine ballerina coffin tips, you’ll make a splash wherever you wander.

Mix and Match – Our nails can be applied professionally in a salon or in the comfort of your own home. The range we offer allows you to mix and match thereby creating your own unique look.

Take advantage of our buy 3 get 1 free special offer and kick-start your Nail Art journey today.

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