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Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the use of glue on false nails.  For a while, to be honest, they lost popularity as everyone clamoured for acrylic nails.  Nail bars popped up on every street corner and ladies flocked to get their nails done.  However, it wasn't long before the cracks began to appear - in some cases quite literally. 

Just So Easy 

For most of us, time is of the essence.  Busy lives mean we are always rushing from one thing to another and acrylics take time to apply.  You can be sat in the salon for a good two hours or more and to be honest who has the time for that?  Glue on nails are quick and easy, and if you use the quality nails, we have worked so hard to create you will fool most people into thinking you have indeed been languishing in the salon for the morning.  Glue on nails are time friendly and more and more women realise the benefit of saving those precious minutes.  Such is the quality of Bling Art nails that we have a long list of nail bars on our customer records, all happy to offer application as a service. 

Change Your Mood, Change Your Nails 

Once in place acrylics are a time-consuming faff.  They require maintenance in the form of ‘infills’ as your nails grown underneath, which to be fair can look rather ugly.  This puts pressure on to spend even more time in the salon getting them made perfect again.  Once you have chosen your colour, you are also pretty much stuck within until next time.  Falsies mean you can change your nails as often as you change your undies!  Red one day, black the next.  From high gloss to matt the only limitation is your imagination! If you want to change your acrylics, you need to remove the old and boy does that smart.  It is quite painful, and not something many women relish - and the damage to your own nails - well we won’t even go there.  Getting glue on nails off is much more comfortable, and a quick coat of moisturiser rubbed into your own nails will leave them looking as good as new - no lasting damage. 




The Money Soon Racks Up 

Sitting in a salon isn’t going to be cheap, and we do not doubt the skills of a good acrylics technician, so you are going to be parting with big money.  Imagine how many sets of glue on nails you can have for that!  We have worked really hard to create the highest quality nails at the best prices so you can rock the diva look any day you want.  We also have a range of lengths and shapes meaning you won’t feel like Bambi learning to walk again when you start using your hands with your new nails on.  Contact lenses are a big issue for acrylic wearers as you can't feel correctly what is going on for example, with our nails you can do your contacts first - and nails second.  Perfect!


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