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Mix and Match Nails

 Mix and Match Nails

Do you have a hectic social life? I know I do! Next week, for example, I have a business meeting cocktails with friends party dinner date a trip to the cinema do I want to wear the same nails for every occasion?


Put simply the answer is no I am not going to be wearing the same outfit for every event so why would I want to wear the same nails?


That is the beauty of false nails. Previously with my gel manicure, I would have to pick a colour and style and stick with it for at least a month on till I went back to have it removed removal was often time-consuming, and infills were cheaper and took less of my precious time. So often I would opt for them and end up with the same colour of nails for another few weeks which to be fair gets kind of tedious. Aside from the damage, I was doing to my own nails this was one of the reasons why I decided to switch to false nails. I love the ability to chop and change my nails as often as I change my outfits. 


That is why the offer was born and extended to our customers if you pay for three sets of nails at the same time you will get a full set free all you need to do is add four sets of nails to your shopping cart, and the discount will automatically apply as you go through checkout. 


This means that I have complete liberty with my outfits next week. I can wear black nails to my business meeting red nails to my dinner date pink nails to my cocktail party, and well the choice really is mine.


Another great bonus of this offer is that I can actually mix-and-match the sets to create a unique look and feel for each occasion maybe I fancy one black nail in the set of red maybe I fancy alternating to different styles of pink.  With this amazing offer, I can have several sets of nails and wear them how I choose.


There is no restriction so you can have some long talons or the more practical squoval nails in the same order, and how you wear them is entirely up to you.  To get this amazing offer all you have to do is head on over to the website and have a browse.  Be sure to have a good look around as the nails included are vast and varied, so there is no shortage of choice. With prices like these, you can always go crazy and order eight sets of nails, which when combined with the offer means that you are actually getting two sets free and only paying for 6.  We are really spoiling you!  That is simply because we want to spread the false nail love and show you just how totally amazing our falsies really are.  You may never go for a gel manicure ever again.

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