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Ms Bling Chapter 1

Ms Bling Chapter 1


Chapter 1

She sat stirring her tea, gazing distractedly through the misted window, watching the clouds form, as ominous and as dark as her mood.

She glanced down at the over-stirred tea swirling around the mug. As she watched, the leaves from the bottom rose to the surface and coalesced into a symbol: the very symbol that had appeared in her dreams more and more recently.

It felt like something was coming for her, something that was going to give her life purpose and meaning beyond the monotony and routine.

She had to ask herself what she was doing here, sat in this office block, furiously clicking on pointless button after pointless button; formatting spreadsheet after spreadsheet; making idle chit-chat in the tea room.

In her heart, she knew she was destined to become something special, someone, who would change the world, but right now that dream eluded her. She had to overcome the hurdle that was her life, restricting her like the generic suit that hid her figure and the shoes that pinched her toes.

Her workplace was full of others just like her, drained of their life force, spending almost every day completing inane tasks for little recognition and even less pay. Dull, grey and without a dream. She could almost weep!

But today was a special day, a day that would change the life of Ms Vanilla for good, transporting her to a place completely unlike any she had seen before. Today, Sebastian Rogers would give her the key to the Bling Art continuum.

Little did our dear Ms V know what lay in store for her, the power that Sebastian would bestow upon her was such that she would rescue all womankind, save them from a life of chipped nail varnish and dull outfits.

Ms Vanilla had seen only glimpses of the continuum over the years… snippets in dreams that she dared not believe would one day become real.

Doubts swirled around in her head. Could she, would she? And she thought back to the day that she was told she would become Ms Bling... Who was this Ms Bling? Why her? She remembered asking Sebastian, and being told, 'Why does the sun shine?' or 'are the stars just pinholes in the curtain of the night?' Who knows, but what she did know was that she was born to be Ms Bling.

Ms Bling was a strong woman, not afraid to express herself and wear her femininity with pride. Ms Bling had her very own set of super powers that could take on those hideous and vile villains that made ordinary life a dull, endless chore.

Her phone bleeped her back to reality. She opened the flashing envelope icon on her screen and her heart jumped a beat as she realised the message was from Sebastian. No 'hello', not a 'how are you?' just two simple words... words she had waited a lifetime to hear: 'It's time!!!'

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