Nail Review- Athena Gel

Nail Review- Athena Gel


So I am sat here, in my fluffy pink dressing gown (see photo for proof) staring in fascination at the sparkling green nails that I have beautifully placed on my natural nails.

I was asked to see what I thought of our new nails and I have to say, they are pretty darn fabulous. 

Very easy to apply, in fact, it only took me about 10 minutes to put them on and I was really impressed with the ease that I took them from packet to my fingers.

If the easy application wasn't enough to make these a firm favourite of mine then the nail itself is a big plus point; they are simply stunning. Glittering in the light and perfectly complimenting my emerald engagement ring. 

So, if you are looking for something that little bit different when it comes to false nail, why not try our Athena Gel nail (or any of the other nails from the range) and give your life a bit of sparkle! 

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