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Bling Art March Trends

Bling Art March Trends


Fuschia Gel Nails

Spring is upon us, and nothing screams stylish spring style louder than these statement colour-pop pink nails. 

Say goodbye to the broken and weakened aftermath of acrylic nails with these gentle fuchsia salon look nails.  Our easy-to-apply glittery nails are so clever they last up to 5 days and are scratch resistant; perfect for holidays, important events and last minute WOW for those spontaneous nights…

At only £5.99 a pack, our internationally certified and EU compliant packs include 24 nails, glue, a nail file and a cuticle stick, giving you DIY salon nails which save your wallet as well as your nails!

Have a sparkly spring/summer with easy-to-remove (and apply) nails, which allow you to change your mind about your nails as often as your outfits!


Chinese Dragon

With extortionate prices for tattoo removal and our modern scientific upgrades on the traditional temporary tattoo, there’s no need to commit to permanent tattoos any more; say hello to our bling Art Chinese dragon black tribal body art temporary tattoo!

Chinese body art is enjoying another moment in the fashion limelight, and we are completely in love with this stunning dragon design.

A symbol of power and good fortune, our Chinese dragon is a strong, contemporary and statement tattoo without the life-long commitment.  Perfect for ladies who have conquered fears, fortune or life challenges, this temporary tattoo features the Chinese letters for ‘Dragon’ to reinvent your identity to the world.

Made from Soybean oil ink, all of our temporary body art tattoos are 100% safe, waterproof, eco-friendly and stay on for up to 3 days, making them the ideal summer style accessory.   Form an orderly queue…

We recommend applying the tattoo to the thigh area in-keeping with the current thigh tattoo trend.


Angels and Devils Set

Love body art tattoos but not so keen on committing to set a design or few for the rest of your life?  Our temporary tattoos are perfect for free-spirited fashionistas and style divas that like to change their body as much as their clothes…

Our Black hope tribal set of 6 tattoos includes the current fashion statement tattoos of the moment, including anchors and soaring bird designs. 

Our black tattoo sets are deliberately made not to shine unlike the more fake and cheaper look petrochemical ink tattoos on the market, making the tattoos look realistic and desirable. 

Have a big event coming up and want to go that extra mile to perfect a unique and edgy style?  The Black Hope tattoos are easy to apply, quick, safe and suitable for sensitive skin.

These works of (body) art are made from soybean oil ink and are 100% safe, waterproof, eco-friendly and stay on for up to 3 days; hello stylish summer!


Branching Out in Style

Individual style is the new fashion, and you can’t get more original than a Temporary tribal bird branching out in style Swarovski crystal gem body art tattoo!  

Standard permanent black or colour tattoos are so last season; this season is all about making a statement with your very own customized body art tattoos that add a little WOW-factor to your look. 

Spread your independent fashion wings with any of our Swarovski body art tattoos to create your own individual style.  Because we love you so much, we’re even including a pair of free professional tweezers to apply the crystals while stocks last.  At only £4.99 a pack, you can’t argue with that…

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