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The Falsie War

The Falsie War

False nails have been something of a trend for a few decades now. It is fair to say that they lost popularity for a while when gel manicures took the top slot. However, people are beginning to realise what damage this does to their own nails underneath, and it has lost a lot of pace. Not only that but gel manicures are very time consuming and not very liberating. You basically have to pick a colour and get stuck with it for over a month at a time. You are then faced with the maintenance work to make sure it doesn’t look too scrappy, or you have to have the whole lot removed and start again if you are sick of the colour. You can see why people got fed up with it. However for a lot of women returning to falsies is somewhat of a step backwards because after all, they look false right?

You Get What You Pay For

Well, to be fair the above is true. False nails can indeed look just that. When poor quality nails and rubbish glue are combined then yes, you are looking at a very limited effect that won't really be turning heads and making you feel a million dollars. This week B&M pushed out nails for 89p to rival the Primark 99p nails that have been available for some time now. You might think that this sort of news would send us into a panic. However, that is probably not the case, as sadly you really do get what you pay for.

Our Nails Look Good

While purchasing nails from us might cost you a little more, we are confident that you will love them. We have spent a lot of time working with women who love false nails and previously enjoyed their gel manicures to ensure that we have created a nail that looks the part. We do not want to rival the 89p market, we want to rival the quality and look of a salon quality manicure, and to be fair we do. Our nails cost more than 89p a set because of the quality involved in both the nails themselves and the glue we supply.

Head Turning

We want our nails to make a statement for you. It doesn’t matter what you choose; you should feel good. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to a romantic meal with a new beau and looking down at your hands to discover that two nails fell off when you took your coat off. Our glue is a proper quality that means your nails will stay on as long as you actually want them to, rather than popping off at the wrong moment. The glue will not damage your own nails either whereas some of the cheaper glues can actually be quite toxic and damaging. So, there are those that will continue to reach for cheap and cheerful, but we know that the savvy shopper will want a nail that looks awesome and stays put!

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