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Ageless Hands for Perfect Nails

Ageless Hands for Perfect Nails


Ok, so you love your nails. We understand that you want to have gorgeous nails at the drop of a hat which is why we have invested so much into our range of stunning falsies. This gives you the chance to have perfect salon nails every day and change them whenever you so desire. However, there is little point going to town on your nails but neglecting your hands. To really show off your catwalk ready nails you need to keep your hand's age-defying and stunning. Here is some excellent hand care tip to make your hands and nails totally head turning.

Protect Your Hands

Hands that do dishes may allegedly feel as soft as your face, but the truth of the matter is that repeated submersion into a bowl of hot water filled with chemical dishwashing liquid is not actually the best way to look after them. If you are the chief bottle washer in your house treat yourself to gloves. A good pair of Marigold’s does not cost the earth, and Ms Bling has found some diamanté, fur cuffed stunners for her stint in the kitchen. Keeping your hands protected means that the natural oils that form the barrier to the skin is not repeatedly damaged.

Wash With Care

Hand washing is an integral part of the day and will happen regularly. However, you should still take care withyour washing. Antibacterial soaps are the on-trend way to clean hands, after all, hospitals use them so they must be right. However, they are also very harsh. Much harsher than washing up liquid. Try and pick a gentle hand soap that offers to moisturise as part of the process. There are some big name brands in natural skin care so lots on offer. Secondly, try and avoid scalding your skin. Boiling water is actually excessive for most hand washing needs. Obviously, if you are working in a high germ environment you need to follow protocol but be sure to get yourself a decent moisturiser.

Moisturising Comes Next

Regardless of where you work, when you wash your hands and how many dishes you wash, moisturising is vital. Personally, I prefer the most natural forms of moisturiser and the jury remains out on what is best. It is a case of finding something that works for you. Natural raw shea butter works for me, some people like coconut oil and some people swear by off the shelf products. Whatever works for you be sure to moisturise every single day. Bedtime is a great time to do this as it gives you a 5 min distraction when you first start to unwind from the day and means that the cream has the maximum amount of time to work into the skin before you start using your hands for those vital chores once more. Be sure to work the moisturiser into your hands and, do not ignore the nails or the nails beds if you are not wearing nails of course!

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