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Ms Bling Chapter 3

Ms Bling Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Relax is just what she did, as much as she could of course. Trying desperately to adjust her seat, she struggled with the lever for a while and gave up deciding it was more important she provide relief to her aching feet. She kicked off her shoes and stretched her toes, wiggling them all until they were bobbing like a troupe of ballerinas with her as their choreographer.

Ms V looked across at Sebastian, noticing that he was watching her and smiling. 'That's right Ms V, relax those pretty little feet. We'll be in the car for a while,' he said.

It wasn’t long before the city landscape around them changed. Lamp posts became trees, skyscrapers morphed into lush green fields full of colourful flowers.

This was the part of England where Ms Vanilla felt most at peace. She opened the window so that she could really take in her surroundings. She loved the smells, the sounds and the breeze on her face; everything felt like the first time right now. In a bid to relax she closed her eyes, allowing herself to rest, if only for a moment, she told herself.

Sebastian, noticing her silence took a glance in her direction. He was surprised to see her looking so delicate, so calm and relaxed. Was she really Ms Bling? Perhaps this petite young lady is not strong enough to be the one. But this was just a fleeting moment of doubt. His mind began to wander and drift back in time, back to the first time they had met and how she first learnt of her fate.

He remembered thinking even then that he was not certain of her, but he trusted in the signs and the powers that had led him here. It would be Sebastian's role to prepare this child of prophecy, to ensure that she would be ready for what faced her.

She had been twenty-three at the time, out celebrating her graduation with friends in the student union bar. He had been watching her from the shadows for an entire year before deciding that this was the night he would reveal all to her.

As she danced, he wandered close to her and whispered ancient Babylonian close to her ear, weaving signs with his hands as he passed. Anyone else in earshot would never have understood the true meaning of the phrase but he knew full well a true Ms Bling would react.

He let out a huge sigh of relief when he saw her eyes flicker and her body tremble. For a moment he still wasn’t sure and his heart raced to tell him so. Then the true magic revealed itself: screams echoed around the room as Ms Bling levitated three feet off the floor on beautiful, bright majestic wings.

The words had become symbols in her mind, writhing like serpents as though endowed with a life of their own. They poured out and flourished into tribal patterns on her skin. She could hear voices calling from within, 'Angelic spirit, awaken!' over and over again.

The confusion on her face was plain for all to see. It was etched across her forehead and in the tight line of her mouth. Those around her saw a blue aura that seemed to flow from her; it glowed in her eyes and showered the dance floor with its radiance.

Sebastian could feel the shock and fear from Ms V, and in that moment he had wanted to tell her that all would be okay after all, that everything happened for a reason. But he knew at the time these would have been no more than mere words to Ms V.

So he muttered the rest of the jutsu, weaving the signs for the spirit to leave her, blowing the magical phrase in her direction. Almost instantly Ms V fell to the floor in an unconscious heap.

The people that had watched this unfold now gathered around her, forming a circle, each one staring in disbelief. Sebastian, knowing just what to do, rushed forward shouting, 'I’m a doctor, move out of my way!' He lifted Ms V up from the floor and headed straight to the doors. Ms V was out cold, she looked drained and weak. Maybe he had started with the wrong jutsu...

He carried her across campus to his car. After easing her down into the passenger seat, he rifled through his pockets and took out a small bottle, bright purple in colour. Waving this Re-Awakening Potion under her nose he was relieved when it brought her out of her daze.

Ms V opened her eyes slowly and saw Sebastian for the first time. He looked somehow familiar to her. Without any thought as to where she was and how she got there, she sat upright, staring into his eyes.

'What just happened? Please tell me, what just happened?' she blurted out, those words running screaming through her mind.

Despite his reservations, Sebastian knew that now was the time to tell Ms V the truth about her path, the journey that had been mapped for her since the beginning.

 'Since the dawn of time, there has always been one Ms Bling. She is the key to maintaining balance in the continuum,' he explained. 'You have been chosen to become Ms Bling, and you will inherit the knowledge and experience of all the Ms Blings that have come before you.'

Ms V was confused and Sebastian could tell he was losing her. Perhaps he needed to delve deeper into the full story. The best place to start was with the continuum.

'Think of the continuum as a portal into another dimension. A place where the past, the present and the future are all rolled into one. It is a thread in the very fabric of time.

'This place, the continuum, is yours to control, where anything you think or believe can be realised. There is no air, no wind, no gravity, only nothingness. You have the power to travel within the continuum, appear in any timeline, move through dimensions. It is a place where if you focus your mind and control your chi, performing the correct jutsus by weaving signs with your hands, you can open doors to other realities. It is here that you will meet with the spirits of time and gain knowledge and find counsel.'

Ms V opened her mouth to speak. There were so many questions on the tip of her tongue, but how could she communicate these to him?

Sebastian could see the questions in her eyes, there would be much that she would want to know. But there was no time to explain any further.

'In time Ms V, you will learn all the secrets. The continuum is a dangerous place, remember that. You must learn control: focus is the key.

'I am the guardian and it is my job to help you, to teach you and guide you in the ways of the ancient jutsus so you can weave the correct symbols and gain mastery of the continuum.

'Right now I am to prepare you for your meeting with the powers that be. They have so much they want to share with you. I will also be right here to train you in the ways of protecting yourself and all of us from the dark lord and his minions.'

That was the start of their journey, the beginning. Sebastian smiled to think of how different it was back then. The satellite navigation computer notified him that they had reached their destination and with that he leaned over and gently shook Ms V. 'Wake up now, we have arrived!'

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