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Great Stocking Filler Nails for the Girly Girl

Great Stocking Filler Nails for the Girly Girl


Some of us just love pink. Pink is the best colour in the world and oozes femininity. It is an adorable colour, and we are somewhat partial to it. If we happened to wake up on Christmas morning and find some of these stunning pink nails in our stocking, we would be delighted. Here are a few great choices for those girly girls so you can score yourself some Santa points this Christmas.


Fuchsia Gel Pink

Who does not love a bit of glitter and sparkle? The Fuchsia flower is known for its bright and bold feminine beauty - and now you can tap into your exotic side with this stunning Squoval nail! With these head-turning tips, you're guaranteed to burst on the scene and make a tremendous blooming impact wherever you go. We think these are perfect for seeing in the new year or having coffee with friends after hitting the January sales! The Squoval length makes them uber practical and comfortable to wear.

Drawing the Line - Almond Stiletto

If you are looking for a classic styling with a modern twist, then look no further. These white on pink nails take the French Manicure style to a whole new level using an ultra-chic linear design to create a modern elegance that has a timeless, classic edge. Draw your own lines and define life on your terms with these classy and stylish Almond Stiletto tips. These killer length nails will have heads turning wherever you go, with all your girlfriends thinking you spent hours in the salon chair. Shhh, it can be your little secret!

Glitter Wave Pink



These are really special. From our new collection, they ooze class while catching the eye with their sparkle. Pretty pink is the perfect colour of love, symbolising dreamy days of romance. Get gorgeously girly fingertips with our cutest ever blush glitter wave Squoval set, and sport flirtatiously feminine nails in a flash! Whether you want to wear these as daily nails or save them for a special occasion, you can be sure that you will be taking centre stage and people will be stopping to admire your nails. Smile and assure them that the salon was bustling at this time of year, or tell them your little nail secret and share the falsie love.

Matte Pink - Almond Stiletto

Vibrant, bold, and fiercely feminine, our Almond Stiletto Matte Pink nail will add some serious VA VA Voom to your style. Adorn your fingertips with our stunning stiletto Matte Pink tips and get ready for some serious attention! These really are statement nails that are sure to get you noticed. Loud and proud these are the ultimate in feminine chic.

Each set contains 24 nails (in 12 sizes), a 2-gram stick of glue, a mini nail file and a wooden cuticle stick. Everything you need to apply in minutes and if you take advantage of our buy 3 get one free special offer you can fill those stockings and have some happy friends and family on Christmas morning.

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