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Why Biting Your Nails Is Really Disgusting

Why Biting Your Nails Is Really Disgusting


Now, we know a lot of people love falsies because they bite their nails and feel ashamed of their hands.  We love falsies because they are so easy to create breathtaking looks, but the real nails underneath - we don’t bite them.  It is actually a pretty gross habit so we are challenging you to stop, call it an early Christmas present to yourself!  Here is why you will be really glad you kicked the nail-biting habit. 


Eating Bacteria


Do you wash your hands really well before you start chewing on those nails or is it pretty reactive as and when the mood takes you?  Our hands are pretty much bacteria central.  They are what we use to touch everything.  Door handles, toilet flushes, car steering wheels, our pets, the list is pretty endless, and while most of us might remember to wash our hands well after using the ladies room, the rest of the day our fingers and nails are actually carrying significant amounts of disgustingness.  Ingesting these germs can lead to an increase in coughs, colds and sickness bugs so it really isn’t a good thing to be doing.  


Nasty Infections


As well as the bacteria going into your mouth, tearing the nails and skin around your nail beds leaves your fingers open to pretty nasty infections.  Many a nail-biter will know the pain of pus-filled abscesses that grow on the side of the nail.  You will find they are hot and angry, and basically full of infection.  This can actually be simple to get rid of (although not very nice at the time) but it can be extremely stubborn and if the infection starts to spread further up the finger you could be looking at a course of antibiotics.  Blood poisoning is a serious issue that you really want to steer well clear of. 


Ingrowing Nails


Biting off nails can leave them jagged and in poor condition.  When they start to grow back they can actually start to misalign with the nail bed and instead of growing straight up, the edges start to grow back into the nail bed.  Ingrowing nails can be extremely painful and it can take a long time to train them to grow straight again.  It also exposes the nail bed to more infections as the nail is digging into somewhere it shouldn’t be and the body treats it like a foreign object. 


It Doesn’t Look Nice


The bottom line is it looks horrid.  While you can hide the damage with your favourite Bling Art nails, there will come a time when you have to have naked nails.  Pulling your sleeves down to try and hide the evidence or wearing gloves all the time are options but it would be much nicer to just smile and proudly show off your hands. Using falsies is a great way to start to stop biting your nails, as frankly chewing on plastic is just not the same, so if you are keen to break the habit head over to the sales pages and bag some stunning nails today.

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