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Ms Bling’s Guide to Nail Care

Ms Bling’s Guide to Nail Care

Do you look after your nails or are you guilty of neglect? Don’t worry you are not alone when you have a busy life like me forgetting your nail care routine is quickly done. However, even when you are wearing falsies, it is still important to look after your own nails. Noone wants nasty nails so here are some great tips that don’t take long but will keep your hands and nails in tip-top condition.

The Right Nail File

What am I talking about? Surely any rough surface is excellent for shaping nails right? Wrong! Most people have ditched the cardboard files that come with most manicure kits. Over the last few years, glass files snuck in and became the trendy way to file however this might not actually be much better for you nails either. It turns out that the glass files can damage nails as they are often mass produced and too rough on your nails. Instead, I recommend looking for a crystal nail file as these will help you shape your nails in super quick time and will not damage them along the way. Remember to practice good hygiene and keep your file clean - it can even go through the dishwasher.

Base it

Using a base coat helps protect your nails, both from the effects of life like washing up and other household chores and from the glue in false nails. Rest assured we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the adhesive we supply is gentle on the nails, so your nails won't suffer. However, if you are having a few nail free days while you crack on with your domestic goddess duties, this is a great way to protect and strengthen your nails. This is a clear varnish, and it dries quickly, so it doesn’t take long to apply or dry.

Nourish Your Nails

Before you go to bed take the time to moisturise your nails. They are just as important as the rest of your body, so remember to do them. Make it the last thing you do in your bedtime routine so that you are not using them again that night. Moisturise and then sleep, so the cream has the longest time to do its job. Nail butter is not too greasy, but if you are anxious about your sheets, you could always invest in a fine pair of cotton gloves to sleep in. Apply it to the cuticle area and massage in.

Cuticle Care

Finally, don’t forget to take care of those cuticles. Use a cuticle tool to push them back, and there are some great creams available to remove unwanted cuticle growth. Again this is a five-minute job and does not take much time at all. Once you are in the habit, you can do this every couple of days.

Following these tips will help you maintain gorgeous nails, and you can be sure that they are ready for the perfect set of false nails this Christmas. Maybe even a different set every day over the festive period.

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