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Lazy Daisy Guide to Looking After Your Nails
With so much going on in the day, it’s difficult to remember to look after your nails. Generally, we remember to look after our skin and hair, but nails take something of a backseat. However, there are some really quick things you can do to keep your nails in tip-top condition, and they won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Get a New Nail File

Cardboard nail files are pretty rubbish. The best thing you can do is update your nail file and invest in a crystal version. Not only is this much better for the environment because it will last years and never need replacing. It also makes shaping your nails super quick if you pick up a new glass nail file, make sure it’s a fine grip version, as this is gentle on your nails. Stay clear of anything too rough, as this can actually cause damage. Did you know that for quick and easy cleaning, you could even pop a crystal nail file in the dishwasher?

Bedtime Routine

Develop a super quick bedtime routine and tag in some male care. We know you’re already going to be sorting out your hair, charging the phone, moisturising your face and applying lip balm, so you need to add in moisturising your cuticles. Keep everything you need right there on the bedside table, and it will soon become second nature. Apply some cuticle cream such as Nail Butter or Sally Hansen Moisturise Rehab to your cuticles and massage it in well.

Moisturise After Washing Hands

Hand washing is a vital part of the day to keep germs at bay. However, regular hand washing can also be quite harsh on your hands. So as well as your soap, keep some moisturiser in an easy pump dispenser by the side of the sink, and once you have dried your hands, apply a layer of moisturiser. You can massage them as you walk away and head off to get on with your day. 

Base Coat 

On days when you are not wearing Bling Art False Nails, using a base coat will help protect your nails from everyday life. It is especially important to apply this before any nail varnish,  and will also help protect your natural nails from regular false nail wear. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the glue used is very kind to nails, but it won’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection, so a base coat is always a good idea.

Cuticle Crushing

This is something that you can build into your routine once a week, perhaps on a Saturday night when you’re sitting down watching the television. There are various instant cuticle remover creams on offer, and you simply apply them and use your tool to push them back and wash them away. With a little bit of practice, you can get this down to less than 10 minutes of time and really help to keep your nails looking absolutely stunning.

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