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Look After Your Hands for Good Nail Health

It's all very well having beautiful nails, but if you don't look after your hands, you're not g to be able to show them off well. For nails to really turn heads, you not only need some fabulous fake nails from us here at Bling Art, but you need good hand care so that your fingers and hands are beautiful and defy your age.

We tend to be good at looking after our skin in the winter, but summer can be just as damaging. Hands are pretty much always exposed to the sun if we are outside, and this can dry out the skin and cause damage. It’s vital that you protect your hands as much as possible, and that includes wearing a good SPF sunscreen and moisturising them well. Here are some more great tips for keeping your hands beautiful.

Wear Gloves

Okay, marigolds are not glamorous, but wearing gloves when you wash the dishes is important if you want to protect the skin on your hands. Many people suffer from contact dermatitis when they must submerge their hands in hot water regularly, and of course, dishwashing liquid has chemicals, so this is also not very good. From basic yellow to diamantes with fur cuffs, we have seen a wide range of washing-up gloves, so invest in a pear and protect the natural oils in your hands when you wash up.

Take Care with Washing

The pandemic made us focus on hand washing, and it has now become a new habit. It is actually a good thing to be hygienic and regularly wash your hands, but again you should take care that you’re not damaging the skin. Antibacterial soaps are often recommended, but again they can be quite harsh on the skin. Now we are out of the pandemic, seems safe to switch back to good hand washing with a gentle kind to skin soap. Something with the least number of additives and very natural is good. You also do not need to wash your hands in scalding hot water; water is good enough. If you do, you still use sanitisers and hand gels, then be aware that they can dry out the skin and increase your moisturising routine.

Keep Your Hands Well Moisturised

Finally, it’s good to have a moisturising routine when it comes to good hand care. Again you will find a myriad of products all claiming to be the best, but we think that natural rises, for example, raw Shea butter is perfect as it doesn’t contain anything nasty. The same applies to coconut oil, and these can be much kinder to the skin than anything else you can buy in the supermarket. A good time of day to moisturise your hands is right before bed because you’re going to go to sleep and stop using them. If you are concerned about getting moisturiser on the sheet, then you can invest in plain cotton gloves, which will also help trap moisture and make the moisturiser work even harder.


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