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Nails Can Show How Healthy You Are

Many people are not aware that their nails can tell them a lot about their internal health.  So, while we love to think that you are wearing our nails regularly, it is essential that you take the time to check your own hands when you are changing colour or having a short break.

Watch for Changes


If you notice any changes in your nails, then your body might be trying to tell you something. Variations in colour, shape and condition could all be indications that you need to focus on your health and make some changes. Before you panic, the issues that they may be pointing at, such as dehydration or anaemia can be correct, and it is better that you do know and can take action.  Obviously, if you bite your nails, then this doesn’t count as a natural change, but it is not a great habit so you really should try and train yourself not to do it.  People that type for a living often find that they have issues with the nails on the fingers that strike the keys most often.  So, index fingers and thumbs for example.  Repeatedly bashing your nails on a keyboard can cause them to break and become brittle, so it is vital that you develop an excellent moisturising routine to combat the damage, preferably the last thing at night, so the creams get the maximum time to work before you start typing again.  You could also think about a quick hand cream application at lunchtime and when you leave work. 

Health Concerns

Nails that start to curve away from the finger towards the sky, giving them a spoon like look could well be an indication that you are not getting enough iron in your diet.  Women are often low in iron, partly because of the menstrual cycle and partly because of the way female hormone deplete iron reserves.  You may also notice that you are tired all the time.  If you spot this nail concern, you might want to get your doctor to check your iron levels, in the meantime be sure to get the most iron you can from the foods you eat.  Red meat and green leafy vegetables are two of the most commonly cited.

Infection Fighting 

When we have a cold or other infection, our nails become dull and lose their shine and shimmer.  While we are often aware that we have some form of virus in our bodies, occasionally our nails can be the first indication.  Build up your immune system and make sure that you have a good level of vitamin C and D from your diet.  If you are concerned about your immune system again, it would be a good time to pop to the doctor for advice. 

As long as you are aware of your nails and what they can tell you about your health, then you can use your Bling Art nails to cover these imperfections while you seek the appropriate treatment and recover them, and your body, back to full health

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