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The Winter is Turning Red

The Winter is Turning Red


It is official; red is the most significant trending colour for winter 2017.  The catwalks across the world are turning the world red.  From oversize jumpers to outlandish creations, the designers all have one common element this year, and that is the colour red.  This is good news for us as we just love red.  It is a stunningly powerful colour that represents passion and vigour for life, so why would you not want to add a touch of red to your nails!  


Thankfully we have a fantastic selection of gorgeous red nails for you to choose from whether you are a fan of stiletto tips or the more practical squoval finish.  Let’s take a look at a few that will leave you looking catwalk-ready and able to compete with top models all over the world in no time at all.


Matte Red

A matte finish is hot right now; these luxurious matte finish false nails enable your fingertips to look both stylish and sophisticated. With our wide selection of stunning shades, there's a colour choice for every outfit you own.

Red is for danger and infinite passion. Bright, beautiful, and bold, our Matte Red Squoval nail enters a dangerous league with this intense red variant. Ideal for when you want to stop traffic and drop jaws, these glamorous matte finish nails will make you a femme fatale to be reckoned with. 

Valentina Gel Red

Bling Art Gel nails are ready to wear and will give a stylish salon professional look in minutes. These nails are very vibrant and rich in colour and to provide the extra sparkle we embed glitter before applying a top UV coat.

Get ready to fall in love with our deep red Valentina nail this sensual Squoval nail just oozes romance and exudes passion. The glossy tip is finished in intense red, embedded in a vibrant, sparkling glitter gel, to give you a romantic effect that fizzes with passionate promise.

Fire Me Up 

Our Polished False Nails are loved by nail techs and shoot stylists around the world, due to their high-end finish and our meticulous attention to detail.

Do you need to ignite the flames of passion in your life? Pick up a set of these fantastically bright red nails and get all the attention and admiring glances you dreamed of and then some. Finished to perfection in an on-trend Almond Stiletto shaped tip, these are nails for daring girls, who want to make the ultimate style statement.

Red for Danger

Glitter False Nails fuse unique, high-quality nail art designs with fun, femininity and a flawless, airbrushed, polished finish.

Passionate red with a silver stiletto glitter tip, these nails will get you noticed. Made for starlets who just love to drip glamour, and seductive femme fatale's who want to add extra sex appeal - you’ll need to wear a warning sign when you adorn your fingertips with these ultra- sexy Almond Stiletto nails!

Don’t forget you can take advantage of our buy three get the 4th set free offer, and please do share some pics of you wearing your nails on your night out!

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